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About Us

Xoftouch Art Studios
recognizes the contribution a veteran has made to the quality of life we enjoy as a Western Civilization. It also recognizes the trend toward a global civilization and the need to encompass all veterans who have survived conflict as well as their families.

Xoftouch Art Studios is the result of one veteran who has overcome his disabilities and pain to once more give again, to give a message of hope to others with service related afflictions.

Xoftouch Art Studios serves out global clients from Kelowna, B.C.


Xoftouch Art Studios is a globally recognized internet retailer that provides a variety of unique art products that shift the image of a veteran from a "warrior" to a human being who is healing and embracing a new mission.

Our Vision is to battle ignorance and poverty.


We support charities and organizations that assist Veterans' rehabilitation and recovery, honoring their sacrifice to support our freedoms. In return for the purchase of one book, a donation is made for a veteran in Canada, the U.S. and the veteran who provided his artwork.


Operating Principles

When you hear the term disabled vet, in a lot of people's minds they see some old guy in a wheelchair; still wearing his ribbons or medals, and needing money.

The mission of the art is to share one veteran's miracle of recovery, and create a new direction in rehabilitation to include a new mission for those highly trained individuals who have served all of us, to be a mission against ignorance and poverty.